About Me

Welcome! My name is Laura Lund. Although I'm not currently attending births as a doula or teaching classes as a childbirth educator, I specialized for many years in hypnosis for childbirth. I taught HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method from 2004 - 2006. I taught Hypnobabies® from 2006 - 2010.  You can read my comparison of these two childbirth hypnosis methods here.


My journery into birth education started after the birth of my first child.  I had a medically-managed and medicated birth during which I was a passive rather than active participant.  My baby and I survived, but I felt certain that we could have received safer and more compassionate care.  I gave birth to my other four children without any medication and with proper, safe support.  Their birth experiences were far more positive because I had much more control over what was happening and I had much better tools to manage the sensations and emotions of childbirth.

My Birth Philosophy

I believe that birth is usually safest when it is left alone, which is what the data concludes as well. I believe that positive, joyful birth becomes a reality when women make confident decisions based on facts rather than fear or misinformation, when they are supported fully by their partners and providers, and when they allow themselves to relax and enjoy the process.  My goal as a former childbirth educator and fellow mom is to facilitate your learning and to instill confidence in your ability to give birth as naturally and safely as possible.

What I Want You to Know

Birth doesn't have to be like what you see on TV or in the movies.  It doesn't have to be a horror story like the ones told to you by other women.  Childbirth can be a joyful, enjoyable, and safe experience.  It is more likely to be these things when a woman is properly educated, prepared, and supported throughout the process.  It all starts with education.  If you don't know your options, you don't have any!

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